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The Movie Crypt

Oct 18, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. Known by many as “Jill Sixx,” filmmaker Jill Gervargizian (THE STYLIST) has one of the most relatable and encouraging career stories that aspiring artists could hope to hear. Much like the majority of up and coming filmmakers who listen to THE MOVIE CRYPT religiously, Jill doesn’t live near Los Angeles or NYC… she didn’t go to film school… and she had to hold down a “real” job (she worked as a hair stylist for 10 years) to make ends meet while simultaneously getting her career as a filmmaker started. She didn’t have an industry connection to speak of or a wealthy family member/friend who could green-light her dream of making movies. (Sound like YOUR current circumstances?) However, after attending her first horror convention and realizing that “movies can also be made by real people,” Jill pulled together what little resources she had available and made her directorial debut with her short film CALL GIRL. Her short found success in some of the biggest film festivals and ultimately served as her calling card for the feature version - THE STYLIST (out now). From finding her own wonderful support system in the Kansas City community of cinephiles, genre fans, and aspiring artists… to making a positive impression on the various filmmakers and industry players she’d meet on the festival circuit simply by being herself and asking for nothing (as Adam states having first met Jill at FrightFest in London)… Jill’s journey is a shining example of what Adam and Joe always say: “If we could find a way, so can you.” Dr. Arwen leads a group “Hollywood Therapy” session on the subject of crowd funding and Jill provides major inspiration through her story of staying grounded, working hard, and making things happen for herself as opposed to waiting for a lucky break, hoping for a door to magically open, or allowing Hollywood’s seemingly impenetrable and extremely unfair system to allow her to feel like a victim.

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