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The Movie Crypt

Aug 30, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Alex Proyas (THE CROW, DARK CITY, I ROBOT, KNOWING, GODS OF EGYPT) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen for this extra special super-sized episode! From Alex’s early days as part of the talent lineup at Propaganda Films directing music videos for acts like INXS, FLEETWOOD MAC, and CROWDED HOUSE… to his fateful step into studio feature films with the beautifully haunting THE CROW (1994) which underwent the devastating and well documented tragedy of the accidental death of star Brandon Lee… his extremely candid opinion on why THE MATRIX (1999) has always seemed so suspiciously familiar to what many consider to be his visual masterpiece DARK CITY (1998)…to why his many experiences working within the major studio system on blockbusters like I ROBOT (2004), KNOWING (2009) and GODS OF EGYPT (2016) have left him no longer interested in pursuing studio films… this conversation with one of cinema’s underdog heroes may be among THE MOVIE CRYPT’s very best! Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” a fan suffering from a case of embarrassment not feel quite so embarrassed and… as an exclusive BONUS for our beloved Crypt Keepers/Patreon members… the entire 1-hour conversation/Q&A between Joe and Alex from the recent POPCORN FRIGHTS film festival is also included! Seriously, if you still aren’t supporting this program for a mere $1 a month - WHY?! Start getting the full versions of every new episode (not to mention the full versions of every new episode that you’ve missed since this podcast parted ways with the Fangoria podcast network amid last summer’s Cinestate scandal) by joining us today at: