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The Movie Crypt

Aug 23, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Prano Bailey-Bond (CENSOR) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen from across the pond to share her career journey. From originally wanting to be an actress… to discovering that directing encompassed all of the aspects of story telling that she loved… to putting on an original theater production inspired by THE EVIL DEAD and THE COMPANY OF WOLVES that incorporated cameras on stage… to learning how to edit her own footage linearly (tape to tape) and absorbing the disciplines that came with it… to the importance of always having a solid plan (even if the plan will inevitably change when facing limited time and resources) and thinking like an editor on set… to how the BBFC has reacted to her directorial debut CENSOR and it’s depiction of the organization during the UK’s “Video Nasty” era… to the psychology behind why banning something only makes people even more passionate about seeing it… this conversation shows just why Prano is such an exciting new voice to watch! Dr. Arwen took this week off from “Hollywood Therapy” as she needed to help bring down Adam’s blood pressure after he shared his thoughts on the new WOODSTOCK ’99 documentary in a blistering new “Unpopular Opinion” segment.