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The Movie Crypt

Aug 16, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. Writer Grady Hendrix (SATANIC PANIC, MY BEST FRIEND’S EXORCISM, PAPERBACKS FROM HELL, THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES, HORRORSTÖR, WE SOLD OUR SOULS) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to share his career journey as a journalist, novelist, and screenwriter. From originally wanting to be a director… to realizing that writing was the only outlet where he would only have to count on himself… to writing about Hong Kong cinema for fan magazines and websites… to learning from his freelance journalism career how to not be so precious about every word… to the benefits of attending writing workshops/seminars/conventions and how hearing the right words of encouragement from the right person at the right time can literally change someone’s life… to terrific advice on co-writing with a partner and the precautions that you each should take in advance… to sharing extremely helpful insight on how to handle receiving and applying notes… to the writing of his latest book THE FINAL GIRL SUPPORT GROUP… Grady has a ton of invaluable insight to share for a writer that didn’t sell a book until he was in his 40’s!  (Living proof why you should never give up!) Dr. Arwen’s office was closed for “Hollywood Therapy” this week in honor of National Leftover Pizza Crust Day but Adam and Joe discuss attending their first concert together since the pandemic began and Grady shares his love and admiration for TWISTED SISTER in this phenomenally comprehensive conversation about the craft of writing.