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The Movie Crypt

Jun 7, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Craig Brewer (COMING 2 AMERICA, HUSTLE & FLOW, BLACK SNAKE MOAN, FOOTLOOSE 2011, DOLEMITE IS MY NAME) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen IN STUDIO to discuss his career journey. In this fascinating conversation Craig discusses everything from John Singleton mentoring him… to the many lessons he’s learned from directing both feature films and episodic television… to which of his many incredible films he truly feels is his best (you may be surprised!)… to how he added a “sale making” surprise to a very big pitch at a very big studio… to his experiences telling stories about black culture as a white filmmaker… to what really needs to change in Hollywood if our industry is truly going to offer more opportunities to under-represented voices. Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” for a filmmaker facing “the crossroads of coincidence” and the boys offer Craig a free copy of A SERBIAN FILM for his 13 year old daughter in this terrific episode that’s one of THE MOVIE CRYPT’s best!