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The Movie Crypt

May 3, 2021

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Filmmaker and MOVIE CRYPT favorite Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW 2-4, REPO THE GENETIC OPERA, ABATTOIR) makes his third appearance on the podcast to discuss highlights of his last three years and the making of his latest entry to the SAW franchise: SPIRAL: FROM THE BOOK OF SAW. The guest that Adam and Joe attribute as helping turn THE MOVIE CRYPT into the program that it is, Darren once again brings his special “no f*cks given” brand of candor and honesty for one of the greatest conversations since… well, since the last time he did an episode back in 2017 (Ep 229) and way back in 2014 (Ep 34) before that one! Including horror stories from the making and release of last year’s DEATH OF ME… how Darren saw the COVID-19 pandemic coming before anyone else he knew… how a random and extremely frustrating glitch with Rotten Tomatoes can hurt (if not kill) the release of a film… how and why Darren passed up a chance to direct a broadway show… and lots of stories about Darren’s journey back into the world of Jigsaw working with the legendary Chris Rock and the biggest badass in cinema Samuel L Jackson. Dr. Arwen provides a parent with driving lessons in responsibility and also provides “Hollywood Therapy” for a content creator experiencing growing pains in building an audience, Darren teaches Adam how a bidet works, and Dr. Jordan (Arwen’s vet) graces the boys with a special tune in this epic installment of “The Bousman Movie Crypt Trilogy.”