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The Movie Crypt

Mar 1, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. Composer Steve Moore (MAYHEM, BLISS, THE MIND’S EYE) virtually joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his craft and career journey. From listening to STAR WARS soundtrack albums as a child in order to re-live every moment of the films… to QUEEN’s soundtrack for FLASH GORDON showing him his calling… to studying music in college… to discovering his own unique synth-based sound and the rise of his band ZOMBI… to a review of one of ZOMBI’s albums leading to him scoring Adam Wingard’s HOME SICK and launching his career as a composer… to his personal process in helping bringing a director’s story to musical life… to the pros and cons of working with temp scores… to his advice for up and coming composers on both how to find work and how to best serve each story being told… Steve’s general optimism and passion for his craft is downright contagious. Dr. Arwen turns this week’s “Hollywood Therapy” session around on the boys after a patient asks them to analyze “where they are at today versus where their high school selves thought they would be today” and a listener almost makes Adam cry with their incredibly touching words in this fantastic episode that just so happens to SOUND incredible, too! (Leave it to a phenomenal composer to have a high quality microphone handy to use for Zoom!)