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The Movie Crypt

Feb 15, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. Actor and filmmaker Jay Baruchel (TROPIC THUNDER, KNOCKED UP, MILLION DOLLAR BABY, GOON, THIS IS THE END, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, TV’s UNDECLARED and MAN SEEKING WOMAN) virtually joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen for a candid discussion about his career journey and the craft/business of making movies. From deciding as a child that he wanted to be the guy who scared Stephen King (before ever reading a Stephen King book)… to discovering a genuine love and natural talent for writing… to a chance encounter with the great Brian De Palma and choosing the right one liner about a suitcase… to his incredible acting career working on some of the biggest movies alongside some of the biggest stars… to getting a firsthand masterclass in directing by working with some of the greatest and most iconic directors (Clint Eastwood, Judd Apatow, Ben Stiller, Roger Avary, David Cronenberg, and more)… to writing GOON and directing the sequel… to the candid truth about producers with frustrating intentions during the casting process… to modern day “financial/numbers obsessed” movie fans… to a technical geek out on color pallet and the making of his latest film RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE (now available on Shudder, VOD, digital, DVD, and Blu-Ray!)… this conversation is so insanely fun that you’ll never want it to end. Dr. Arwen provides advice and emotional support for a writer facing the hurdle of a new baby at home, Jay shares the truth behind the infamous rollercoaster scene in KNOCKED UP, and the boys get real about what happens when the business decisions overshadow the actual art.