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The Movie Crypt

Feb 1, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmakers Adam Green (HATCHET, FROZEN) and Joe Lynch (EVERLY, MAYHEM) celebrate their 400th episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT by putting themselves in the guest chair(s) for an extremely candid and raw conversation about each other’s careers. In this special 2.5 hour long episode the directors interview each other with the in-depth, personal, and technical questions that they never get asked when doing the publicity rounds in support of their latest releases. From extremely specific questions about their individual styles and the approaches they take to their crafts… to self-reflective questions about how far they feel they’ve come and how far they feel they still have to go… this is the type of stuff you just won’t find in their almost 2 decades of interviews with other outlets. The last 90 minutes (available exclusively for listeners who support the program for a mere $1 a month or more on include the really good stuff: 

If they could go back to their first feature films (WRONG TURN 2 for Joe and HATCHET for Adam) what would they do differently? When “success” arrived how did it differ from what they originally perceived it to be and how do they define “success" now? If they could each bring back just one of the too many icons of cinema that have passed on during their time in the industry- who would it be? Out of the 400 episodes of THE MOVIE CRYPT so far- which is their favorite? What would they like to see changed about the convention/fandom world? What movie do they each wish they had been the ones to make? Is it still as crucial to live in Los Angeles as it may have been back when they moved to La La Land 20+ years ago? Based on all they’ve been through and learned so far, what advice/warnings would they give themselves (and each other) if they could time travel back to the start?  From the wonderful highs to the heartbreaking lows and the many struggles, frustrations, and disappointments in between… Adam and Joe take off their hosting hats for a night to speak freely as the artists that they are.

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