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The Movie Crypt

Jan 25, 2021

PUBLIC VERSION. Filmmaker Steve Kostanski (THE VOID, LEPRECHAUN RETURNS, MANBORG, FATHER’S DAY) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his career journey. From a child scared of the horror section in the video store to discovering a life-long love of the genre through the gateway drug of ARMY OF DARKNESS and THE EVIL DEAD saga… to teaching himself special FX make-up with the help of books and his eventual personal relationship with the legendary Dick Smith (THE EXORCIST, SCANNERS)… to making a name for himself with his production team ASTRON-6 on ultra low budget films that impressed and captured a loyal audience… to the pitfalls of first time directors… the hurdles of working with practical effects on set… and the making of his latest PG: PSYCHO GOREMAN (out now!)… this is one MOVIE CRYPT geek out that you’re going to wish didn’t have to end! Dr. Arwen provides emotional support for a filmmaker considering a sequel, Adam spills some dirt about the worst pilot he ever directed, and Joe gets no spoilers out of Steve about the new DAY OF THE DEAD TV series!