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The Movie Crypt

Dec 7, 2020

PUBLIC VERSION. Comic book writer and owner of American Mythology comics James Kuhoric (FREDDY vs JASON vs ASH, HATCHET, ARMY OF DARKNESS, STARGATE: SG-1) virtually joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen for what turns into the horror geek out conversation of 2020! From writing his own stories as a child based on the various films and TV series he loved… to gaining years of experience working for big companies like Diamond and Avatar… to having his dream writing project come true with FREDDY vs JASON vs ASH… to the hurdles that take place behind the scenes when writing for existing IPs/characters/franchises… to how to best break into the world of comic books… James provides a free master class for anyone looking to launch a career in comics - all while nerding the F out with the boys about their favorite horror characters and films. Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” for a creator that landed a great gig but is now finding herself having to work with a team that the powers that be have chosen for her as opposed to the team she planned on working with (this is a GOOD one, you guys - pay attention!), Adam reveals which popular film series he wrote fan fiction for as a 6 year old child, and James shares a truly heartwarming story about a convention encounter with a horror icon that he will never forget. Whether you are an avid comic book fan, someone interested in pursuing a career in comics, or simply a fan of pop culture in general… this is one conversation you absolutely do not want to miss! From the candid behind the scenes stories you’ll hear about the HATCHET comic series, to the brutally honest advice you’ll get on professional networking, to the painful truth about what you should do with your million dollar idea that’s based on properties that you did not create and that you don’t own the rights to… this episode encapsulates everything that you listen to this podcast for. Hell, James even invites listeners to pitch their work directly to him/American Mythology:
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