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The Movie Crypt

May 11, 2020

For THE MOVIE CRYPT’s 7th anniversary Adam and Joe welcome back their HOLLISTON co-star, actress, musician, and dear friend Corri English (UNREST, SKYRIM, FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING, TITANFALL 2). Recorded during the Coronavirus pandemic, Corri checks in from Nashville, TN and discusses her new music, writing songs for other artists, producing her podcast, continuing to work regularly performing voice-overs despite no longer living in Los Angeles, and balancing life as an artist with being the mother of two young boys. Dr. Arwen provides emotional support for a patient trying to figure out when pushing hard can become pushing TOO hard, Corri performs three new songs, and the three cast mates get excited for HOLLISTON’s upcoming journey to AMC’s SHUDDER network and how fans are actively playing a role in the show’s resurrection.

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