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The Movie Crypt

Apr 27, 2020

Filmmakers Brett and Drew Pierce (DEADHEADS, THE WRETCHED) “virtually” join Adam, Joe, and Arwen from their Coronavirus quarantine to discuss their career journey so far. Growing up with a father who had not only worked in the industry but who worked on THE EVIL DEAD of all films, Brett and Drew were both bit by the entertainment bug as far back as they can remember. From realizing that they were simply better together… to making shorts for fun…  to their grass roots effort to produce their first feature DEADHEADS… to continuing on with the same family affair vibe for the production of their latest feature THE WRETCHED… the Pierce Brothers are a perfect example that sometimes two deadheads in the director’s chair are truly better than just one deadhead. (See what we did there?) Dr. Arwen provides emotional support for a patient suffering from stamina jitters, Joe spends the entire episode in his favorite wing of the ArieScope Studio, and the boys reflect back on Adam’s recent month-long “Coronapocalypse”daily live stream series.

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