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The Movie Crypt

Apr 6, 2020

Radio DJ and award winning author Jude Angelini (ALL OUT SHOW, HAYENA, HUMMINGBIRD) shares his story with Adam, Joe, and Arwen. THIS IS THE FIRST EPISODE IN MOVIE CRYPT HISTORY TO OPEN WITH A WARNING. IF YOU ARE FRAGILE OR EASILY OFFENDED - SKIP THIS ONE. From growing up poor in a broken home with a literal closet for a bedroom… to being in the remedial classes among mentally disabled students in school … to finding himself on the JENNY JONES show by chance - and making such an impression that he became a regular for 80 episodes as “Rude Jude”… to simultaneously working in a strip club bathroom on 8 Mile just to get by - all the while being recognized for being on TV… to getting a shoutout on an Eminem record and a job as a DJ on Eminem’s Sirius Satellite radio channel… to becoming a published, award winning author with his shocking, real-life short stories… this episode contains the most controversial language of any MOVIE CRYPT episode but it’s also one of the most inspiring conversations you’ll ever hear. Dr. Arwen provides emotional support and encouragement to a patient dealing with bad luck, the guys learn about Chipotle hacks, and after knowing each other for over 6 years Adam and Jude realize where and when they actually first met. For every listener out there who simply can’t relate to the 99% of artists that have appeared on this podcast over the last 7 years and said that they came from supportive families… for every listener who was born into difficult circumstances and been told who and what they can possibly ever become… and for every listener who’s felt like the cards they were dealt were a permanent road block to ever achieving their real dream… this one’s for you. NEVER. GIVE. UP.

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