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The Movie Crypt

Feb 3, 2020

On Saturday January 25, 2020 the Panic Film Festival in Kansas City, MO presented a special 10th anniversary screening of Adam Green’s FROZEN followed by a live performance of THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast. For the first time ever, Joe Lynch interviews Adam Green in the most candid filmmaker on filmmaker conversation about the making of FROZEN that you’ll ever hear. From Green turning down an offer that would have doubled the production’s budget had he been willing to concede to the producer’s demands (which included NOT shooting the film entirely on location)… to Green literally casting the very first actress to walk into the audition room… to the technical and physical hurdles that the cast and crew endured shooting on the side of a mountain in Utah during the dead of winter… to Joe’s father passing away while he was visiting the set… to the moments with the wolves that turned dangerous… to the haunting story about the real-life tragedy that had occurred in the very spot Green was compelled to shoot the film in… the two filmmakers take a deep dive behind the scenes of FROZEN’s lasting legacy “doing for skiing what JAWS did for swimming.” Recorded before a live audience the episode also includes the return of “The Steven Tyler Congratulations” as Green and Lynch honor a very special guest who also had a film screening at Panic Fest this year. NOTE: Unfortunately Arwen could not attend this live appearance due to a previously scheduled professional obligation.

Green and Lynch held a “Crypt Keeper” meet up at the Screenland Armour theater where over 20 Patreon members joined the hosts for a private hangout before the screening of FROZEN began! Become part of our Crypt Keeper community today and start enjoying weekly bonus episodes of “Classic Crypt”, early access to every new episode, Adam and Joe’s monthly “Crypt Picks” videos, bonus monthly film commentaries, access to our monthly interactive “Movie Crypt Live” episodes, Adam and Joe’s “Crypt Diaries,” and the holy “Cult of Arwen!” We want to see YOU at the next “Crypt Keeper” meet up! Visit and start supporting this podcast today!