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The Movie Crypt

Dec 23, 2019

Comedian Brian Posehn (THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM, SEX DRIVE, THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM, HOLLISTON, THE BIG BANG THEORY) joined Adam and Joe as a surprise guest during the first night of “Yorkiethon 4.” In this extremely candid conversation the guys discuss Brian’s new book FOREVER NERDY, Brian’s guest star role on THE MADALORIAN, visiting Rick Baker’s house, dealing with fans, Halloween, and much more! Dr. Arwen was at home sleeping yet still managed to provide “Hollywood Therapy” for a patient with concerns over the content their child is consuming and Joe shares a crazy Nicholas Cage story in this episode that was recorded LIVE during THE MOVIE CRYPT’s record breaking 4thannual 48-hour marathon to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue.

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