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The Movie Crypt

Nov 18, 2019

Screenwriter Ed Neumeier (ROBOCOP, STARSHIP TROOPERS) sits down to talk his career and craft with Adam, Joe, and Arwen. From seeing 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY at age 10… to having his life changed by STAR WARS… to briefly working as a studio executive… to co-writing his first screenplay (ROBOCOP) and having it actually get made… to stories from the sets of both ROBOCOP and STARSHIP TROOPERS… Ed shares his experiences from the front lines of two of the most popular science fiction franchises in cinematic history. Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” for a patient in need of cheering up and Adam “buys that for a dollar” (it was too expensive for Joe) in this episode that gives you 20 seconds to comply.

YORKIETHON 4 is less than 2 weeks away! Tune in over the weekend of December 6ththrough 8thas Adam, Joe, and Arwen stay awake and on the air for 48-hours straight and put on thepodcast variety show of the year! THE MOVIE CRYPT’s annual charity marathon to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue is FREE to listen to/watch on starting at 5pm PST on [NEW DATES!!] Friday December 13th and going non-stop around the clock until 5pm PST on Sunday December 15th. With dozens of special guests performing live comedy, live music, live script readings, live film commentaries, live interviews, and so much more… you won’t want to miss a single sleepless minute!