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The Movie Crypt

Oct 14, 2019

Presley Alexander and Bryson Robinson sit down with Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss their career journeys as young performers. 14 year-old Presley (joined by her father Brian) started her own YouTube channel when she was only 7 years old - never missing a single day without a new vlog post for 5 years straight! She has also hosted numerous children’s shows and was even featured on 60 MINUTES! 13 year-old Bryson (joined in studio by his mother Dee) has appeared in a number of commercials, print ads, television shows, and web series including ABC’s FRESH OFF THE BOAT and the award winning (and extremely popular) YouTube series MANI. From finding their passion for the arts at such young ages… to how they balance work, school and play… to the differences between their generation and Adam and Joe’s generation when it comes to consuming content… to weighing in on the ongoing STAR WARS debate over how to pronounce “AT-AT”… to performing in Adam Green’s 21st annual ArieScope Halloween short film PUMPKIN DICK (now playing on and on ArieScope’s YouTube channel)… you’ll surely fall in love with these two incredibly special young artists! Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” for a listener who is conflicted over on-screen violence, Presley gives Adam hope for the future of the world, and the boys say goodbye to their dear friend Sid Haig in this incredibly inspiring, hilarious, and touching conversation.  

Follow Presley’s adventures on Instagram (@NotThatPresley) and on her YouTube channel (ActOutGames). Follow Bryson’s journey on Instagram (@ItsBrysonRobinson).

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