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The Movie Crypt

Sep 16, 2019

Make-up FX artist Dean Gates (DAY OF THE DEAD, MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE, BLUE VELVET, JURASSIC PARK) dazzles Adam, Joe, and Arwen with behind the scenes anecdotes from the many (many) classic films he has contributed FX work to throughout his long and illustrious career. From doing make-up FX for TV when he was still only in High School… to working with legends like David Lynch, Steven Spielberg, George Romero, Stephen King, and James Cameron (just to name a few)… to winning an Emmy for his work on STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE… to working with the great Carlo Rambaldi (the creator of E.T. – don’t worry, Adam doesn’t cry) … Dean keeps the boys (and girl) fully geeked out with his amazing experiences. Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” to a filmmaker coping with the frustrating truth that the bigger streaming services would rather die than disclose their actual numbers, Adam has a message for the fans that reached out to him while his grandmother was passing, and Dean talks about killing Dennis Hopper again and again (and again) in this fantastic(al) conversation!   

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