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The Movie Crypt

Apr 29, 2019

Director Michael Lehmann (HEATHERS, HUDSON HAWK, THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS, AIRHEADS, etc) discusses his career journey with Adam, Joe, and Arwen. From working as an assistant to Francis Ford Coppola… to USC misplacing his application (for THREE YEARS!?)… to directing his first feature HEATHERS (wait, how long was Daniel Waters’ first draft of the script exactly?)… to Michael’s work in television (AMERICAN HORROR STORY, TRUE BLOOD, DEXTER, THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW, etc)… and the various ups and downs along his way… this episode is a perfect example as to why so many describe this podcast as “audio film school.” Dr. Arwen helps a patient with some promotional “Hollywood Therapy,” the guys get technical about camera placement, and Adam shares his secret stash of cream soda in this fantastic conversation that is THE MOVIE CRYPT at its best!

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