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The Movie Crypt

Apr 22, 2019

Filmmaker Rhys Wakefield (THE PURGE, TRUE DETECTIVE) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his journey from actor to director with his debut feature film BERSERK – which Rhys also co-wrote, produced, and starred in. The three filmmakers dive deep into the directorial process as they candidly swap stories from their director’s chairs. From crafting a contained and manageable story, to adapting their visions to fit within budget restrictions, to working with actors, to the hurdles faced when both directing and starring in their own projects… the three artists candidly relate to surviving the storytelling process. Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” for film critics, Adam and Rhys share some scary encounters with intruders, and the boys announce THE MOVIE CRYPT “Hall Of Fame” episodes coming soon to a podcast platform near you!

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