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The Movie Crypt

Apr 15, 2019

Actress and model Lydia Hearst (CABIN FEVER 3: PATIENT ZERO, THE HAUNTING OF SHARON TATE, TV’s Z NATION) discusses her career journey and lifelong love of horror with Adam, Joe, and Arwen. From a young child obsessed with horror movies… to her long career in modeling gracing the covers of the world’s biggest magazines… to her various roles in film and television… to the delicate decisions and research that go into making a film depicting such a devastating real life tragedy as that of the Manson murders… to her extraordinary collection of horror movie memorabilia and toys… Lydia is proof that even international super models can sincerely be “one of us.” Dr. Arwen provides “Hollywood Therapy” on how to make new friends, Adam and Lydia swap ghost stories, and Joe learns how to properly pronounce the title of a film that he’s been saying wrong for far too long in this episode that’s one big nerd-out.

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