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The Movie Crypt

Oct 29, 2018

ArieScope Pictures (the HATCHET franchise, 2010’s FROZEN, TV’s HOLLISTON, this podcast, and more) turns 20 years old this month! With 10 theatrical feature films, 2 seasons of a television show, a record label, a published novel, several popular comic series’, and well over 100 shorts films/web series episodes under their belt … ArieScope has become a leader of the indie genre scene over the last two decades. In this episode, co-founder/ cinematographer Will Barratt (FROZEN, DIGGING UP THE MAROW) and director Sean Becker (HOLLISTON, Adam Green’s SCARY SLEEPOVER) join Adam, Joe, and Arwen to take a candid look back over the production studio’s long history as they discuss how they have stayed together and survived the constantly changing Hollywood industry. Dr. Arwen dishes out some sound “Hollywood Therapy” and your “Viewer Mail” is answered in this super candid episode that’s geared towards those who want to create their own world and not just go through their careers hoping to someday land a job opportunity in someone else’s.
The 20th annual ArieScope Halloween short film (THE INTERVENTION) is now playing FREE on and on ArieScope’s YouTube Channel!
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