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The Movie Crypt

Aug 13, 2018

Author Joe Knetter (VILE BEAUTY, ZOMBIE BUKKAKE) sits down with Adam and Arwen to share his life story and things get more personal than JAWS... … … THE REVENGE.  From growing up in Minnesota with a mind that didn’t fit in with the norm... to being so discouraged after his first creative writing attempt that it would be years before he attempted to write again… to the honest truth about “making a living” as a writer… to becoming part of the HATCHET universe in co-writing I, SURVIVOR with Adam Green… to an absolutely heartbreaking revelation about his father… there’s a good reason why this is one of our longer episodes.  Joe Lynch checks in with the very first “Point Report,” Dr. Arwen dishes her signature “Hollywood Therapy,” and your “Viewer Mail” gets answers.

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