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The Movie Crypt

Aug 6, 2018

Last year Andrew Yong sat down with Adam Green for this in-depth interview about his book I, SURVIVOR, however due to the publisher’s demands the episode had to be held back from airing until the book’s formal release. The lone survivor of the horrific 2007 “Honey Island Swamp Massacre,” Yong stood accused of viciously murdering over 40 people in the New Orleans bayou in his now infamous trial. Standing by his testimony that it was in fact “Victor Crowley” (an urban legend / local ghost story in Louisiana) who butchered the innocent victims, it seemed that Yong was surely facing the death penalty until the jury miraculously found him innocent and exonerated him from the heinous crimes. Listen as Yong discusses the writing of his tell-all book and relives his terrifying encounter with “Victor Crowley” that was really only the beginning of the hell his life would become.
For fans of Green’s HATCHET franchise this tie-in podcast episode is like one giant bonus feature for VICTOR CROWLEY (HATCHET 4) as the characters of “Andrew Yong” and his publicist “Kathleen” cross over into the real world on THE MOVIE CRYPT. Trust us, this is one episode that you’re going to want to re-visit some day down the carefully paved road ahead! Order your copy of I, SURVIVOR today on
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