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The Movie Crypt

Jul 23, 2018

Game developer/producer Ronnie Hobbs (FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME) takes Adam, Joe, and Arwen to video game “Summer Camp!”  From pitching a slam-dunk game/title only to have all of the major gaming companies foolishly pass on it...  to the trials and tribulations of crowd-funding such a massive endeavor… to the growing pains of releasing something so technically involved… to going above and beyond by releasing new content and further expanding on a game that had already won over most fans… to the current lawsuit in the FRIDAY THE 13THcamp that suddenly stopped all future plans with the game (even though the game is merely an innocent casualty in the legal war for Jason)… this episode is your survival course in game developing.  Dr. Arwen prescribes her “Hollywood Therapy,” your “Viewer Mail” receives answers, and the guys explain how the ArieScope studio got trashed (no, it wasn’t because someone called Arwen “Sophie”) in this episode that will have you earning double XP for 2 full hours.

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