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The Movie Crypt

Jul 2, 2018

The legendary Roger Corman (THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, THE WILD ANGELS, PIT AND THE PENDULUM, HOUSE OF USHER, THE INTRUDER) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen for a 4thof July spectacular!  From the countless artists that Mr. Corman discovered, mentored, and/or gave a first shot to (Jack Nicholson, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron, Pam Grier, Ron Howard, Joe Dante, etc)… to the whopping 400+ films he has made to date… to being the true trail blazer of the independent spirit… without Mr. Corman Hollywood would be an incredibly different place as we know it. And that’s without him ever even wanting or needing “Hollywood’s” acceptance or acknowledgement!  You want to talk “Do It Yourself?”  Well, look no further than the man who has done it all his way, on his terms, and on budgets/schedules that put the rest of us to shame.

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