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The Movie Crypt

Jun 25, 2018

Actress and writer Cleopatra Coleman (FOX’s THE LAST MAN ON EARTH, HOVER, STEP UP REVOLUTION) delivers one of Adam, Joe, and Arwen’s most favorite episodes of THE MOVIE CRYPT yet!  From an aspiring multi-racial and one-of-a-kind actress growing up in Australia… to landing her first national commercial… to moving to Los Angeles and coming so close (again and again and again) to booking life/career-changing roles only to be passed on because of her unique look… to joining Will Forte’s beautifully crazy “apocalypse family” on FOX’s LAST MAN ON EARTH… to taking her life into her own hands and writing/acting in the incredible science fiction film HOVER (out this week!)… if you’re not inspired by Cleopatra to take on the world by the end of this conversation then you weren’t listening!   Dr. Arwen prescribes “Hollywood Therapy” that everyone can benefit from, our beloved Patreon supporters have their “Viewer Mail” questions answered, and Cleopatra gives some of the best advice for hanging in there that you’re ever bound to hear.

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