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The Movie Crypt

May 28, 2018

Filmmaker Jacob Gentry (THE SIGNAL, SYNCHRONICITY) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen for an amazing discussion about his journey from a child recording his own “podcasts” (decades before podcasts were even a thing) to one of our generation’s most unique and exciting voices in filmmaking.  From technical geekery (you won’t believe what other film the Panavision lenses were used for on one of Jacob’s first projects!), to the potential pitfalls of festival hype, to dealing with the internet’s rotten anonymous haters, to the “contract” that every film’s marketing materials create with an audience… this is a raw and honest conversation that many aspiring and working filmmakers out there will relate to and benefit from.  Dr. Arwen prescribes her famous “Hollywood Therapy,” your “Viewer Mail” questions are answered, and the boys make a date to watch 12 FEET DEEP together.

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