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The Movie Crypt

Nov 27, 2017

Legendary editor Pasquale Buba has been slicing his way through Hollywood (and a few malls along the way) for over 4 decades.  Listen as the boys (and Arwen) sit down with the industry vet for a very funny, very candid talk about his career. Pat details just a few highlights in his career, from the early days in Pittsburgh with Team Romero (find out how his childhood is connected to MARTIN, insane!) to working with auteur Michael Mann on his crime epic HEAT, and of course the geek out continues as they discuss his role as one of the bikers in Romero’s original DAWN OF THE DEAD! (You can almost hear Joe’s head explode numerous times!)  
Of course, there’s more new info on this year’s 48-hour Move Crypt “Save A Yorkie” Benefit happening Dec 8th-10th, which you can read more details on
Lynch’s MAYHEM is currently tearing it up on VOD & iTunes and the DVD/BLU/4k edition comes out Dec 26th! Also, the VERY SPECIAL vinyl soundtrack for MAYHEM is currently available at your local record store and at Relapse Records, while the digital version is on iTunes, Spotify and more!  More news on Green’s VICTOR CROWLEY will be coming soon! 
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