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The Movie Crypt

Nov 20, 2017

The CREEP 2 gang of filmmakers Mark Duplass (THE ONE I LOVE, THE LEAGUE)  Patrick Brice (CREEP, THE OVERNIGHT) and Desiree Akhavan (APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR) stopped by the Crypt to discuss their critically acclaimed sequel to the original 2014 film. Joe flies solo this week while Adam was still on tour with VICTOR CROWLEY but it was a lively discussion about the trials of creating a unique spin on the “found footage” genre and then making a sequel that feels just as fresh and new (trust us, they did it!). They also discuss their origins in the film world, the guerrilla-style making of CREEP 2, bringing in another fresh voice in Desiree to stir the pot for ole Peachfuzz and some fun stories on Duplass’s HBO series ROOM 104 which just got renewed for a new season.  CREEP 2 is currently on VOD and iTunes and highly recommended! ALSO: More new info on this year’s 48-hour Move Crypt “Save A Yorkie” Benefit happening Dec 8th-10th, which you can read more details on DONT FORGET! Lynch’s MAYHEM is currently on VOD & iTunes, support indie filmmaking and check it out! More news on Green’s VICTOR CROWLEY will be coming soon! Join our Crypt Keeper community today and help keep these weekly episodes possible: