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The Movie Crypt

Nov 13, 2017

Filmmakers Bobby Roe and Zack Andrews join Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss their journey creating their popular found footage films THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT 1 & 2.  From pitching a format that was deemed “out of fashion” at the time… to an absolutely terrifying experience filming at an “out of the way haunt”… to the hurdles caused by originally shooting in SD… to purposely choosing notto perform their scheduled Q&A and leave the audience thinkingafter their first screening… to proving that when it’s the rightstory in the righthands- found footage is anything but dead, you’re going to love hearing their story about bringing these two films to life and just how possible it is to find success in doing it all yourself. Dr. Arwen’s “Hollywood Therapy” dishes some advice on how to stay in the game while still waiting for the game to start, Bobby and Zack answer your “Viewer Mail” questions, and Bobby reveals a previous connection to Adam that comes as a complete surprise in this informative and entertaining episode aboutbuildingyour own fate.

Lynch’s MAYHEM is currently playing in select theaters and on VOD while Green is still traversing the country on his theatrical tour with VICTOR CROWLEY!  Check www.ariescope.comfor the most updated list of tour dates.

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